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Who am I?

Body-Mind Centering®

Explore and become aware of your living body

Professional training

BMC® professional training


Raphaèle Frey-Maibach

Percussionnist Singer Dancer specialized in afrocuban traditionnal repertoire. 
Certified Practitionner in Body-Mind Centering®

As a performer I always felt and knew deep inside that the body is an intimate part of a sound production, disregarding the type or genre of music and instrument I played. With Afro-cuban drumming, my intuitive knowledge met its foundation : not only singing, but also body movements and body-percussions, are part of the music : this holistic approach to music has become my life-passion

But it did not end there

In the course of my early teaching, I was already helping my students to find the most efficient and organic gesture to produce the best sound. I felt it was important to work in such a way to prevent injuries and pain while building up a strong sound technique.

I had discussed with many musicians experiencing chronical musculoskeletal pains related to their intense instrument practice and I believed that there had to be a way to practice and to care for the body at the same time, so to enjoy a passion or make a living from a talent without the fear of the consequences of practicing.

That’s where I was when I discovered the BMC® approach

I started to attend Body-Mind Centering® and Dance Improvisation workshops in 2012, with Delphine Gaud : that is where I found the ground for a new way of approaching movement. I then engaged deeper and passed my University Degree in Somatic Education (DU-PES) in UFR STAPS Lyon 1 (science and technology of physical activities). Simultaneously, I enrolled in the Somatic Movement Education Program (SME) in BMC® and graduated in 2018.Then in the Practitioner Program and graduated in 2022.

I am offering Body-Mind Centering® techniques and its subtle approach to musicians, dancers, physical artists and anyone wanting to ease his everyday work and art. The journey is about blending new skills to an instrumental and physical practice, a performance or any everyday body engagement.

Body-Mind Centering ®

Heal & improve performance


Body-Mind Centering®

A special pathway for you !
Body-Mind Centering® is an integrated and embodied approach to movement. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the early seventies, it is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological and psychophysical principles, through movement, touch, voice and mind.

The path of Body-Mind Centering® is a creative process in which embodiment of the material is guided and explored in the context of self-discovery and openness.

The Body-Mind Centering® approach has an almost unlimited number of areas of application. It is currently being used by people in movement, dance, yoga, bodywork, somatic studies, physical and occupational therapy, psychotherapy, child development, education, voice, music, art, meditation, athletics and other body-mind disciplines.



Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service mark used with permission.

Somatic Training

Special Somatic Training for Musicians based on BMC®


This technique will help you

My purpose is to help you organizing, re-patterning your instrument practice through your body-systems, using your « soma » (living body) and conscious mind to improve musical and artistic performance.

Having wider movement range effortless

discovering your body-systems and how they can support your day to day practice and reduce tiredness

Having anatomical knowledge through body experience

exploring your body-systems and functions through inner listening and inquiring mind awareness

Healing and re-patterning musculoskeletal pain

finding better alignement improving physical function through moving and touch

Creativity - Connection

being well and healthy will help you deal with any shift life can surprise you and improve your artistic potential

Workshops & training

Look at different options!


For groups

We shall design a special program together, contact me!
6 days (5h/day or 3h/day)

6 Workshops Cycle

6 days to explore your body, discover BMC®, and how that can work for you in your everydays artist’s life. From 10 to 25 students (each should be able to lie down flat on the floor). This cycle has being designed for Lyon’s Regional Conservatory (Conservatoire de Lyon) for pre-professional students. It happened both in 2019 an 2020 and was attended by musicians, dancers and singers

Day 1

Gravity - diaphragmes - general balance - balance between body and instrument/voice

Day 2

Fluid systems, our hability to explore and use their movements

Day 3

Squeletal system, bones, joints/stability, upper and lower limbs, shoulders, fingers…

Day 4

Organs and Endocrin system to support movements, posture and voice

Day 5

Muscles, how to use them properly, re-paterning options, anatomical knowledge

Day 6

Nervous system, how to deal with it. Senses and perceptions new tools to perform…

6 days (consecutive or not – 5h/day or 3h/day)

Dance studio, equiped with sound system, projection screen, floor mat, skeleton and pilates balls.


More training for groups

3 hours

Half day experiment

A three-hour class to visit one body-system related to the interest of the group. For example the breathing system for wind instruments or singers / the upper and lower limbs for strings / the flexibility of the spine for musicians or dancers… We can choose together ! Depends on the room, from 8 to 16 students ; each one should be able to lie comfortably on the floor. Dress comfortable clothes, to move and stay warm. Bring your instrument, water, snack and a floor mat.

1 h 30 to 3 h

Small group up to 6

Your body is your best friend, discover the best way for you to engage it and find support for your practice! Individual and collective bodywork (with or without instrument) to focus on your requests and find your way to improve communication, sound and flexibility. Discovering your anatomical needs for your practice ; your smart body and the best way to use it. This workshop will help you change your routine for a best integrated body and functional moving while playing. Specially designed for chamber music players, this workshop can be repeated everyday during a residency and completed with an individual session for each musician. Done with «Quatuor Arteli» (based in Geneva - Switzeland) during a 5 days residency.


One to one sessions

Let’s design a special program for you
2 hours

Instrument session

Let’s work together on your physical needs with your instrument: discover new tools to improve you day to day practice body and mental preparation for a competition functional rehabilitation after an injury play without pain

1 h 30

Private session

Let’s work together on your special needs or injuries hands-on and bodymork will be the main tools used in a session Releasing tensions by loosen up your body and giving you comfort will be my focus Prices upon request and depends on your possibilities. Let’s talk about it!


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